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The Royal Ballet Presents 3 Short Ballets

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Watch the Royal Ballet at their most luminous in a magnificent evening of three short ballets, broadcast live to Theatr Mwldan on Wednesday 7 June at 7.15pm. The three works, The Dream, Symphonic Variation and Marguerite and Armand are three of the Royal Ballet’s best-love legacy pieces.

The Dream is a delightful interpretation of Shakespeare’s A Midsummer Night’s Dream. The piece captures the comic confusions of Shakespeare’s play with the high-spirited misadventures of the two pairs of mortal lovers combined with the humorous cavorting of Bottom, played by a male dancer who dances en pointe. Felix Mendelssohn’s witty, and famous score, is the perfect partner for the charming choreography.

Symphonic Variations is a seminal piece of Ashton’s repertoire. A masterpiece on the beauty of pure movement, it was the first work Ashton created for the Company when they moved to the Covent Garden stage after WWII. Created for just six dancers, the choreography quickens and slows, whilst retaining a sense of serenity and spaciousness.

Ashton created Marguerite and Armand for the celebrated partnership of Margot Fonteyn and Rudolf Nureyev. A passionate ballet, it tells the story of Marguerite, a Parisian courtesan, who lies on her deathbed. She recalls her tragic love affair with Armand in a series of feverish flashbacks. The powerful pas des deux and the score set to Franz Liszt’s famous Piano Sonata in B Minor, will ensure there is not a dry eye in the cinema.

The mixed programme of works by founding choreographer of The Royal Ballet, Frederick Ashton, is characterised by precise, fleet footwork and sensuous upper-body movements making a gorgeous line of delicate simplicity.

Mae’r rhaglen gymysg ysblennydd hon yn arddangos gweledigaeth greadigol eang Frederick Ashton, Coreograffydd Sefydlu’r Bale Brenhinol.

Tickets for Royal Opera House screenings are £16 (£15) and are available now from Mwldan’s Box Office on 01239 621200, online and via Smartphones by visiting www.mwldan.co.uk

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