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Eccentric Craft Gins

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One of the real pleasures of publishing is meeting new people. A chance encounter introduced us to Rob Higgins who owns a modest smallholding in Peterston, and is a Director of a brand new(ish) gin distillery hidden in the depths of south Wales. We had to visit, we just had to.

Hidden in a secret location, Eccentric Gin, is a craft gin distillery producing a superb range of very unique and innovative gins. Now most new gin distilleries would give themselves a pat on the back for launching one good gin in their rst year. Eccentric produced four. And not only that, these particular four gins have been going down a storm with connoisseurs and gin lovers right across the UK.

Using a combination of traditional methods fused with established innovative botanicals (even barrel ageing some gins – very clever stuff), the result is a range of smooth gins with avours that appeal to all ages and palates.

Eccentric originally operated in Llantrisant in 2015 but recently moved to larger premises. Eccentric’s innovative gins are distilled by a mix of brewers, mixologists and even a freeman of Llantrisant.

Indeed it was William Price, a true eccentric, with radical, innovative ideas that served as the inspiration for the Eccentric brand.

Described as one of the most unique men in Victorian Britain, William Price (1800 – 1893) was a physician and freeman of Llantrisant. “He was quite the eccentric!” says Rob, “He was a believer in free love, democracy, and the emancipation of women, druidism and legalised cremation. He really sums up the Eccentric ethos!”

London Dry Gin, Dublin Dry Gin, Edinburgh Dry Gin, and even Plymouth have had a Gin named after them for many years. Eccentric Gin produce an innovative craft gin called Cardiff Dry – nally putting Cardiff the capital of Wales on the gin map at long last.

I ask Rob what are Eccentric’s plans for the future? “More gins! But we’re also planning on growing and harvesting Juniper in the Vale of Glamorgan to produce our own gins making it a truly local and Welsh product. We have also been helping clubs and societies with their fundraising by conducting gin tasting sessions and ‘master classes’ time. Which are obviously great fun.”

We’ll drink to that.

Eccentric Craft Gins

The fabulous four…

Eccentric Gin currently produces four quite distinct gins (we have to admit, after tasting them, we’re fans). Here’s how Eccentric describes its range…

London dry: 42% abv.

A London dry as it should be. Simple, dry and juniper forward with citrus and a hint of liquorice and some subtle oral and sweet characters added by the sacred duo ‘meadowsweet and wild sun ower’.

A new Western style gin: 45% abv.

A gorgeously heady mix of blue ginger and citrus with tarragon, Seville orange and Orris. Rested in recycled burgundy French oak casks to develop a smooth texture. The oak casks leave a subtle peach colour, which will vary subtly with each batch (that’s craft!).

Fresh juniper malt gin: 46% abv.

Fermented from ipa wash and refined to a clean aromatic distillate. Naturally sweetened and vapour infused then rested. A sweet and oral style of gin with fennel, wild sun ower root and star anise seeds. Rested for 6 weeks to develop its avours…

A unique dry gin: 37.5%abv.

A new style of gin chosen by the people of south wales. Rich herbal notes of rosemary, fennel, sorrel and liquorice, together with citrus notes from the lemongrass and verbena. Perhaps the new aperitif gin of the world?

If you’re a retailer, hotel, bar, pub or restaurant that would like an Eccentric behind your bar, please get in touch.

You can buy single bottles online at www.eccentricgin.com or on Saturdays from our outlet in Petertston super Ely or at Caerphilly.

Call 029 20 397554


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